Token Supply

Key Features

  • Players can convert PIXEL into INK at a 1 for 1 exchange rate. The price and amount of INK on the market has no impact on this exchange rate.

  • A % of game revenue will be constantly diverted into the LP (Liquidity Pool) and burning of the tokens.

  • Our commissions earned from INK spent in our marketplace will be burned.

  • Items that cost fiat or PIXEL will have static costs. They are unaffected by the value of INK.

The INK token will have a few limitations to keep the conversion rate balanced. The in-game currency and token are mutually exclusive with what they can be spent on. Purchasing gameplay-reliant items such as heroes and cards will use PIXEL and fiat currencies to keep it consistent and accessible. INK can never be turned back into PIXEL, this is put in place to avoid any pay-to-win mechanics.

PIXELs are fully burned whenever they are used. This applies to any and all transactions that use it. The rate at which players can earn PIXELs will be relatively low to keep the conversion rate down. PIXEL is a time based currency that will be consistent based on the average time played.

INK is an on-chain currency for players that only gets burned when paid to Pixelated Ink as a commission on the sale of NFTs on our marketplace. Player to player transactions will never burn the token except for the commission % on an NFT sale. Pixelated Ink will never hold INK to ensure that the supply stays low.

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