Project Neighborhood

Clementine’s Nightmare was created with a full story that takes place within her neighborhood. It's time we take the first step to turning that into a reality with the next phase of that journey, we are calling “Project Neighborhood''. In this neighborhood, you will find a select number of characters from each faction that represents what this story means. This was originally planned as a two part release but is being combined into a single collection for all holders at once.

  • 15,010 NFT Avatars

  • 15 characters carefully selected with varying amounts depending on the rarity of the character.

  • Metaverse ready for platforms that allow 3D assets

  • Skins obtained from Project Neighborhood are importable in game

Project Neighborhood will be a free mint, not an airdrop. The individual minting will be responsible for the gas fees. This initiative takes us one step closer to bringing our supporters into the neighborhood. While it’s a lot of work to introduce characters into the metaverse this is our first step getting there.

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