Revenue Generators

The following items will have a % of their revenue fund the liquidity pool and burn tokens. This is one half of the token system that ensures whatever platform the game runs on, even if NFTs and crypto are restricted, they still help run the token system with their revenue.


While players start with a hero and can unlock others over time, players will be able to purchase any hero from the start. These will start at level 0 with just the base cosmetics attached. We want to ensure players can play whoever they want to fit their current play style. Purchasable with Fiat Currencies & PIXELs.

Card Boosters

Cards will be distributed through in-game booster packs. These packs will also include rare and mythical cosmetics. Purchasable with Fiat Currencies & PIXELs.

NFT Services

Players will have the ability to convert any max level hero or rare and higher cosmetic/card as an NFT. This allows for transfers of ownership of the item and can be re-imported back into the game. Purchasable with fiat currencies, crypto currencies & INK.

Seasonal & Account Items

In-game accounts can be heavily customized to the player’s preference. We will have a wide variety of items such as card backs and player avatars. There will also be limited items released for each season of the game. Purchasable with fiat currencies, crypto currencies & INK.


No staking method will be used for NFTs. There will be a staking LP (Liquidity Pool) This will be done through the use of liquidity pool staking on 3rd party DeFi exchanges to be determined.

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