Who is the team behind Clementine’s Nightmare?

The team is fully doxxed and we highly suggest you take a look at their experience in their respective roles. The core team involved in the production of Clementine’s Nightmare is Pixelated Ink (team’s company) and PetrolAD, with 87 house artists and around 50 developers in PetrolAD alone. The ones behind the game development are the company Big Red Button Entertainment and their external studio teams. (https://pixelatedink.io/)

Who is Big Red Button Entertainment?

Big Red Button is composed of industry veteran game developers focused on delivering authentic gaming experiences that are as fun to watch as they are to play. Founder & CEO Bob Rafei, being the first Art and Animation Director employee of Naughty Dog, led the visual development of the groundbreaking Crash Bandicoot series for PlayStation 1. CTO Jeff Lander on the other hand has worked on many interactive 3D projects for a variety of clients including nVidia, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Sony, EA, and Activision. Together, they founded BRBE with the mission of using Unreal and Unity game engines for streamline production. Their previous partners include Sega, Niantic Labs, Google, EA, Lionsgate, Sony, NBC Universal, Mobilityware, FoxNext, and Bethesda Game Studios. (http://brbent.com)

What are the Intellectual Property rights I own?

All base character IP rights are held by Pixelated Ink. The Project Neighborhood 3D NFT (PFP + Importable Skins) will be unique skins that will have shared IP rights with the owner of that particular skin.

What are the stages to expect in this project?

  • NFT Sale (Completed)

    • Genesis

    • Eclipse

  • Story deployment - “Clementine’s Diary”

    • Issued out weekly as a Graphic Novel

  • Development Diaries

    • From the creation of our 3D assets to game development

    • Bi-Weekly Developer Diaries will be provided to the community

  • Initial Alpha Gameplay

    • There will be many stages of Alpha as we test we will be providing constant updates evolving the game build process within the Alpha prior to Beta ready

  • Project Neighborhood 3D NFT (PFP + Importable Skins to Game)

    • Launch to be expected during ALPHA

  • BETA Gameplay

  • Marketplace

  • INK Token Launch

  • Public Launch of Game

    • PC Ready

    • Mobile TBD

What happens if you transfer your NFT after the accumulation snapshot?

As you all know, the snapshot began on Thursday, March 10, 2022 12:00 AM. That means your Genesis Collection has begun accumulating the in-game PIXEL currency. Remember that each independent NFT will continue accumulating up until the game launch, which is slated late 2022 or early 2023. You will be rewarded based on how long, how many, and how rare your NFTs are. This is on-going leading up to game launch, and not just a one time snapshot.

When will we receive out PIXEL and what happens to our NFTs after the game has launched?

After the game has been deployed, we will integrate a system for you all to claim your PIXEL so that it can be loaded to your account. However, you do not have to claim if you do not wish to do so. In fact, we will allow you to sell the NFT post game launch with all its accumulated PIXEL attached to the NFT. This would allow the new owner to claim their rewards. Keep in mind, only one claim can happen per NFT after game launch. There will be a method to check on our website to see if a specific NFT has been claimed yet. This will allow your NFT to continue to gain value even post game launch in the event that you wish to bless a beautiful soul with all the rewards that you’ve accumulated within your NFT.

How can we keep track of our PIXEL accumulation?

A Dashboard is currently being built out on our website to allow you to connect your wallet and see all the Clementine’s Nightmare NFTs you own. They will also display the accumulated multiplier next to your NFT so you can track your rewards on a daily basis.

What if all I want is INK token?

We are rewarding PIXEL to all players in order to make sure they have access to everything PIXEL has to offer. If you are only interested in the token, you can immediately export to INK token as soon as your account is loaded or wait until a favorable price point to convert. Do keep in mind that you cannot swap from INK token to PIXEL (in-game currency), only from PIXEL to INK.

Will the team be holding any INK token for themselves?

No, the team will not be allocated any INK at game launch. The only way to earn INK is to play the game, or by holding Genesis/Eclipse NFTs. The token has been designed to provide benefits for the community, not the creators.

What if I don't want to use my PIXEL when the game launches, can I sell it?

When the game is released, all the stored up PIXEL can be claimed once per NFT. Additionally, we will allow you to sell the NFT post game launch with all its accumulated PIXEL attached to the NFT if you do not wish to claim it. This would allow the new owner to claim their rewards. The multiplier rises with time, so the longer you hold the more Ink you will have when the game launches.

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