Welcome To Clementine's Nightmare

Clementine’s Nightmare is an Entertainment Brand launching a gaming universe filled with fantastical creatures and nightmarish beasts. Set in the “Whimsical Macabre” world of Clementine’s neighborhood, her world comes to life and transforms around her for the worse as she fights back against the darkness with her will, her heart and of course… her friends.

Once players arrive in our neighborhood, they will be immersed in multiplayer 3v3 matches and story missions to unlock PIXEL. Here, PIXEL is used for various purposes in-game, with the ability to convert it into INK tokens. This will create one aspect of our Play & Earn economy. The Play & Earn model will provide total ownership of all the assets purchased and earned to its players. All of this will be achieved with and for the community.

The primary goal of Clementine’s Nightmare is to create a free to play AAA game for the NFT space, aiming to bridge the gap between NFT gaming and traditional gaming. Our pathway to success is rooted in over three years of conceptual development and a passion for creating something that all ages can enjoy.

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